De Looper Analytical is an official distributor of Oxford Instruments Analysis regarding the industrial analysers (LIBS/XRF/OES) in the Benelux. For Eddy Current equipment we are an official distributor for Rohmann GmbH.

Oxford Instruments developes and manufactures high tech equipment and systems for the industry, R&D, aerospace, energy sector, military and healthcare.

Since 1959 innovation has been the key to growth in the success story of Oxford Instruments and remains one of the key elements of the company. In the last 50 years a continuous stream of new ideas originated, driven by market demands and a focus on developing commerically successful products. This results in the development of new products matching the customer demands and needs.

Oxford Instruments is a global company with offices and production facilities in over 25 countries, all over the world. Customers profit for the local presence, supported by an internationl network of Oxford Instruments service teams, agents and distributors that are all part of a robust and solid company.

As the first commerical spin-off company from Oxford University, Oxford Instruments developed the worlds first super conducting magnet in 1959. This lead to the development of MRI instruments that changed medical diagnostics completely. More than 30.000 MRI systems are active in the world to which Oxford Instruments contributed to a third of these.

In a nutshell:

  • Launched on the British stock exchange in 1983 (OXIG)
  • FTSE250 in 2011
  • Over 30 offices and manufacutering facilities in Europe, USA, China and Japan
  • Over 1900 employees worldwide
  • Worldwide distribution, service and support network
  • Culture of innovation drives growth and success
  • The “Voice of the Customer” shapes the development of new products
  • The possibility to observe and manipulate materials to the smallest scale creates possibilities in upcoming nano technology markets
  • Oxford Instruments’ products support customers facing global problems such as protecting the environment, maintaining energy, health and safety.

Website of Oxford Instruments

Rohmann is a medium size manufacturer specialised in Eddy Current solutions for non destructive material analysis. Rohmann’s Eddy Current instruments and systems are known worldwide and know as trendsetting and innovative. Their product range goes from single probes, world’s smallest universal Eddy Current inspection equipment, handheld instruments to innovative inspection concepts and custom made systems. Such as complex dignal imagery and multi-channel production line inspection systems.

Website of Rohman