OE750 stationaire OES metaal analyser

Nieuw: Zeer hoge prestaties, nauwkeurigheid, betrouwbaarheid, flexibiliteit én upgrademogelijkheden – allemaal in één instrument!

De OE750 is ontwikkeld voor de hoge eisen die gesteld worden door moderne gieterijen en smelterijen om te voldoen aan prestaties en betrouwbaarheid, met zijn innovatieve optische systeem en uitgebreide golflengte, precieze identificatie en analyses van belangrijke elementen zoals N in staal en P in aluminium. De OE750 is hét QAQC systeem voor metaalproducenten, -bewerkers en gieterijen.

Voorzien van:

  • Compleet nieuw ontwikkelde optiek
  • CMOS detector (i.p.v. CCD)
  • Nieuw read-out systeem
  • Interne low noise vacuümpomp
  • Gebruiksvriendelijke interface software:  SpArcfire




The OE750 is engineered to keep you running. Maintenance time is minimised; for example you only need to clean the spark stand every few thousand measurements* and standardisation intervals are typically weeks, or even  months. This could potentially buy you up to two hours of extra productivity. Plus, a newly developed electrical spark source gives you better reliability and the best energy excitation pulse per element, making your analysis  more precise.

* Depending on the application, for further details request our application reports

Optical system

  • Rowland circle Paschen-Runge mounting
  • High resolution multi-CMOS Optimised pixel resolution
  • Wavelength range 120 – 780 nm
  • Focal length 400 mm
  • Solid state source Computer controlled parameters
  • Frequency 80 – 1000 Hz
  • Voltage 250 – 500 V
  • High Energy Pre Spark (HEPS)

Reducing operating costs
The OE750 punches well above its weight, giving you the performance of an expensive analyser in an accessible package.
We’ve reduced running costs too. Here’s how:

Reduced argon consumption

  • The OE750 uses 10% less argon than its predecessor, thanks to a reduced volume housing the optics and better gas flow around the spark.

Low energy consumption

  • The analyser uses less than half the energy of previous models, due to an innovative spark generator and smart power management.

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